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Berni J. Alder CECAM Prize in Computational Physics

The Berni J. Alder CECAM prize will be awarded during the conference.

The prize recognizes exceptional contributions to the field of microscopic simulation of matter. The prize is meant to honor an individual scientist; exceptionally it can be awarded to at most three scientists having equally contributed to the specific topic for which the prize is granted. This is the most prestigious European prize for computer simulations in condensed matter physics/chemistry, statistical physics and physical chemistry. The 5000 Euros prize, awarded every three years by CECAM, was originally created in 1999.

The selection committee consists of scientists appointed by the CECAM Council, the Computational Physics Group of the EPS, and the C20 Commission of IUPAP. This time committee members will be Joan Adler, Mike Allen, Stefano Baroni, Paul J. Durham, Daan Frenkel, János Kertész, Michael L. Klein, Joaquin Marro, Evert-Jan Meijer, Francois Peeters. The CECAM Director (Wanda Andreoni) and the Chair of CPG-EPS (Peter Borcherds) take part in the discussions with a non-voting capacity. Members of the selection committee are not eligible for the award.

The 2010 CECAM Berni Alder Prize was awarded, with unanimous endorsement, to:
Roberto Car and Michele Parrinello

Citation: "For their invention and development of an ingenious method that, by unifying approaches based on quantum mechanics and classical dynamics, allows computer experiments to uncover otherwise inaccessible aspects of physical and biological sciences. Their work catalyzes cooperation among different scientific communities leading to a deeper understanding of nature."

The announcement by CECAM may be found here.

Earlier Berni J. Alder CECAM prize winners are:

  • 2007 – Daan Frenkel
  • 2004 – Mike Klein
  • 2001 – Kurt Binder
  • 1999 – Giovanni Ciccotti

More information on the previous awards may be found here.


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