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Call for Papers

Papers are invited for submission in any of the main topics listed below.

Main Topics

  • High Energy Physics,
  • Astrophysics/Plasma Physics,
  • Ab-Initio Calculation in Quantum Chemistry/Atomic Physics,
  • Complex Systems/Chaos/Statistical Physics,
  • Computational Materials Science,
  • Biological Physics/Soft Materials,
  • Quantum Phase Transitions/Condensed Matter Theory/Nano Science,
  • Supercomputing/Software/Visualization,
  • Challenges in Computational Physics Education/Computational Physics

There will be a special issue of Computer Physics Communications published after the conference. Invitees have been contacted. Please follow this link.

How to Submit Your Abstract

Abstracts are required for all submissions.
You must use the CCP2010 template when writing your abstract. (download template in Latex format below.) Do not change fonts, colors or styles.
download ccp2010 abstract template Abstract template
Before writing your abstract, take a look at the ccp2010 sample abstract. (Download ccp2010 sample abstract below.)
download ccp2010 sample abstract Sample abstract
Maximum abstract length is 2 pages (using the template format).
It's required that you convert your abstract to pdf format, before submitting it.
When your abstract is ready for submission, go to the Abstract Registration and Speaker Zone Login -page (submenu of "Call for Papers")


  • Oral abstract submission: 01.03.2010
  • Notification of acceptance: 01.04.2010
  • Poster abstract submission: 01.05.2010
  • Manuscript submission: 20.06.2010
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