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Computer Physics Communications - Special Issue

There will be a special issue of Computer Physics Communications published after the conference.

We impose a minimum length of four (4) and a maximum of five (5) printed (journal) pages per manuscript..

The contributed manuscripts will be reviewed and papers will need to meet the same level of quality that applies to regular research papers appearing in the journal.

The entire process, including the reviewing, has a fixed deadline of November 1, 2010. At this date, Elsevier takes over and the special issue will be printed within 6 months after this. We therefore impose a soft deadline of June 20 for contributing to the special issue.
We will make hard copies of the manuscripts received by then at the conference. There will be a final deadline for receiving manuscripts at the Elsevier web site set to August 1st.

Submitting a Manuscript

  1. Create an account at the Elsevier web site.
  2. Download and prepare the text using the standard style packages found at the journal web site.
  3. When ready to submit: Log onto your account and press "submit new article".
  4. On the next page, you will be asked to choose article type:
    • Choose "Special issue CCP2010".

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