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International Union of Pure and Applied Physics

Young Scientist Prize in Computational Physics

is for the year 2010 awarded to:

Professor Dr.Philipp Werner (Institute for Theoretical Physics, ETH, Zurich)

For the development and implementation of quantum Monte Carlo methods which have transformed the study of interacting electrons in solids.

Past Winners

2009: Doctor Amanda S. Barnard (CSIRO Materials Science & Engineering, Australia)
2008: Doctor Naoki Yoshida (Department of Physics, Nagoya University)
2007: Professor Stefano Sanvito (School of Physics, Trinity College in Dublin)

The IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Computational Physics has been created to promote and award excellence and originality in Computational Physics by outstanding young researchers.

Criteria for selection

  • Recipients should be the principal performer of original work of outstanding scientific quality in Computational Physics.
  • Recipients, in a given year, should on January 1 of that year have a maximum of 8 years of research experience (excluding career interruptions) following their PhD.
  • Previous recipients will not be eligible for another award.


  • Triennially, up to three International Union of Pure and Applied Physics [IUPAP] Young Scientist Prizes in Computational Physics will be awarded.
  • It is intended that one award be made each year. However, in any given year, the selection committee may, at its discretion, may decide not to make an award. If so, multiple awards may be made in the following year.
  • The awards will be announced and presented at the annual Conference on Computational Physics (CCP).

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