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Parallel Session H: Biological Physics/Soft Matter

Time Wednesday
23rd of June
24th of June
25th of June
  Parallel Session H1
14:40 - 16:10
Auditorium R2
Chair Namiko Mitarai
Parallel Session H3
14:40 - 16:10
Auditorium R2
Chair Michael Bachmann
Parallel Session H4
14:40 - 16:10
14:40-15:55 Ala Trusina
(Invited speaker)

Robust Adaptation Networks
Ron Larson
(Invited speaker)

Meso-scale Simulations of Polymer and Bacterial Dynamics
no entries
15:10-15:25 Kay Hamacher
Monte-Carlo based Optimization in Computational Biophysics (and beyond)
Thomas Vogel
Conformational phase diagram for polymers adsorbed at ultrathin nanowires
15:25-15:40 Luis Scott
Applying Genetic Algorithms and Rotamer Library to study the Molecular Docking of HIV-1 Protease and CDK-2 with ligands

Friederikke Schmid
(Invited speaker)

Mesoscopic simulations of electroosmotic flow and electrophoresis in nanochannels


Osamu Sano
Flow-Induced Waterway in a Heterogeneous Granular Material

15:55-16:10 Titus Beu
Molecular dynamics simulations of ion transport through carbon nanotubes
Wolfhard Janke
Polymers in Crowded Environment under Stretching Force: Globule-Coil Transitions
16:10-16:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
  Parallel Session H2
16:30 - 18:30
Auditorium R2
Chair Ala Trusina
16:30-16:45 Michael Bachmann
(Invited speaker)

Signatures of First-Order-Like Behavior in Structural Transitions of Molecular Systems
17:00-17:15 Daniel Reith
Influence of chain stiffness and sequence on knottedness in polymer globules
17:15-17:30 Francesco Gervasio
Free-energy methods to study protein plasticity and complex molecular recognition
 Hendrik Meyer
(Invited speaker)

Fractality of perimeter and amoeba diffusion of dense polymer chains in two dimensions
18:00-18:15 Therese Malliavin
(Invited speaker)

Probing the conformational transition of pathogens adenyl cyclases
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