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Poster Session I

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Wednesday June 24, 16:30-18:45

Poster P1-01
Sahnoun Mohammed
Ab-initio Pseudopotential Study of Electronic Structure and Chemisorption of CO on (111) Surfaces of Cu, Pd and Pt.
Poster P1-02
Simen Kvaal
Time-Dependent Coupled-Cluster Approach to Many-Body Quantum Dynamics.
Poster P1-03
Evgeny Liverts
S-states of Helium-Like Ions.
Poster P1-04
Guillermo Andrés Ludueña
Proton Transport Mechanism in Nominally Dry Proton Conductors from Ab-inito Molecular Dynamics Simulations.
Poster P1-05
Noreen Amna
Very High Precision Solutions of a Class of Schrodinger Equations.
Poster P1-06
Rytis Jursenas
Algebraic Exploration of the Third-Order MBPT.
Poster P1-07
Victor Antonov
X-Ray Magnetic Dichroism in the III-V Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors.
Poster P1-08
Guido Germano
Molecular Graphics of Coarse-Grained Liquids.
Poster P1-09
Sebastian Schöbl
Influence of Disorder on Semiflexible Polymer Conformations.
Poster P1-10
Santanu Sinha
Wettability Alteration Study for Two Phase Flow in Porous Media.
Poster P1-11
Namiko Mitarai
Effect of Thermal Fluctuation on Jamming Transition of Granular Media.
Poster P1-12
Luis Scott
Simulating the Folding of Different Sequences Using Monte Carlo.
Poster P1-14
Adam Swetnam
Improving the Wang-Landau Algorithm.
Poster P1-15
James Gubernatis
Comparative Monte Carlo Efficiency by Monte Carlo Analysis.
Poster P1-16
Antonio Astillero
A combined Scheme Based on Parallel and Grid Computing for the Simulation of Granular Fluids.
Poster P1-17
Hiromi Otsuka
Phase Transitions in Square-Lattice Dimer Model with Anisotropic Interactions.
Poster P1-18
Przemyslaw Gawronski
Crowd Dynamics - Being Stuck.
Poster P1-19
Keiji Hayashi
Nano-Frictional Characteristics of Lateral Strained-Layer Superlattices.
Poster P1-20
Anton Menshutin
Phase Diagram of Diffusion Driven Aggregate Growth in Plane: Competition of Anisotropy and Adhesion.
Poster P1-21
Akihiro Nakayama
Meandering Motion of Self-propelled Particles.
Poster P1-22
Shin-ichi Tadaki
Rewiring Through Epidemic Spreading.
Poster P1-23
Masaharu Isobe
Study of Transient Nuclei Near Freezing.
Poster P1-24
Olga Rancova
Numerical Modeling of Structural Transitions in Few-Particles Confined 2D Systems.
Poster P1-25
Maliheh Ghodrat
Thermostatistics of a Relativistic Gas: Equilibrium and Non-equilibrium Properties.
Poster P1-26
Martin Weigel
Monte Carlo Simulations Without Detailed Balance.
Poster P1-27
Morten Grøva
Density Waves in Fallig Sand.
Poster P1-28
Motaher Hossain
Higher Order DNS on an Fx77-w500 Airfoil Using Spectral/hp Methods.
Poster P1-29
Milan Kucharik
ALE Simulations of Laser Driven Target Acceleration in Channel.
Poster P1-30
Amin Najafi
Computational Novel Technique of Helical (Spiral) Boundary Condition in Monte Carlo Algorithms.
Poster P1-31
Frank Meier
Global Chi-Square Method for Accurate Determination of Sensor Positions of the Tracking-Detector of the CMS Experiment.
Poster P1-32
Martin Weigel
Performance Potential for Simulating Spin Models on GPU.
Poster P1-33
Lev Barash
Library of Random Number Generators Based on SSE Command Set.
Poster P1-34
Godehard Sutmann
Diffusion Based Adaptive Load-Balancing for Domain Decomposition in Particle Simulations.
Poster P1-35
Abdullah Alsunaidi
Adsorption of Water on Zinc-Oxide Nanoparticles: A Theoretical Study.
Poster P1-36
Cosima Schuster
Transport properties of copper phthalocyanine based organic electronic devices.
Poster P1-37
Emel Onal
Determination of dissipation factor of various dielectric materials.
Poster P1-38
Udo Schwingenschlogl
Structure and Defect Processes in Si1−x−yGexSny Random Alloys.
Poster P1-39
Premlata Pandit
First Principles study of Electronic, Elastic and Lattice Dynamical Properties of Mg2Sn.
Poster P1-40
Domingos Lopes Silva Junior
First-principles Study of Stacking Faults in Ice Ih.
Poster P1-42
Ortwin Leenaerts
Densitity Functional Theory Investigation of Adsorbates on Graphene.
Poster P1-43
Uri Shumlak
Advanced Physics Calculations Using a Multi-Fluid Plasma Model.
Poster P1-44
Xavier Saez Pous
Improvements of the Particle-In-Cell Code EUTERPE for Petascaling Machines.
Poster P1-45
Luca Baiotti
Magnetised Binary Neutron Star Mergers.
Poster P1-46
Vojtech Hruby
Hybrid Computational Simulation of Plasma-Solid Interaction at Low and Medium Pressures.
Poster P1-47
Petr Jelinek
Parametric Study of Propagating Waves in Solar Coronal Loops.
Poster P1-48
Andreas Troester
Optimizing Wilson's Momentum Shell Renormalization Group.
Poster P1-49
Aram Shirinyan
Phase Diagram Construction of Continuous Nanofilms Based on the Model of Size Dependence of Atomic Interaction Energies.
Poster P1-50
Matej Praprotnik
Multiscale Flow Simulation of Water Past a Fullerene.
Poster P1-51
Sigurd Wenner
Effects of Interatomic Potential Symmetries on Nanoscale Structural Deformations.
Poster P1-52
Piotr Kozlowski
Frustration and Anisotropy Effects in Chromium-Based Molecular Rings.
Poster P1-53
Rainer Bischof
Universality Class of Mixed Quantum Spin Chains.

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