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Poster Session II

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Thursday June 25, 16:30-18:45

Poster P2-01
Bartosz Brzostowski
Ab Initio Study of Molecular Chromium-Based Ring Based on SIESTA
Poster P2-02
Sølve Selstø
Direct Two-Photon Double Ionization of Helium
Poster P2-03
J. Liam McWhirter
Atomistic Modeling of cellulose Nanofibrils and their Interactions
Poster P2-04
WookHee Koh
Dynamical Properties of Firing Patterns in Spiking Neurons
Poster P2-05
Sebastian Meinhardt
Computer Simulation of Lipid Bilayers
Poster P2-06
Keiko Asayama
Hydrodynamic Interactions on the Permeation of a Liposome through a Cleft of Endothelia with Glycocalyx Bush
Poster P2-07
Petr Jelinek
The Collisions of High Velocity Clouds with Galactic Halo
Poster P2-08
Guido Germano
Molecular Simulations in the Nematic-Isotropic Coexistence Region
Poster P2-09
Alexander Belov
Calculation of Excited-State Dynamics in Light-Harvesting Complexes
Poster P2-10
Shigenori Matsumoto
MD Simulation of Ribosome Jam
Poster P2-11
Takashi Shimada
Universal Aspects in Real and Model Ecosystems
Poster P2-12
Guido Germano
Stochastic Calculus for Uncoupled Continuous-Time Random Walks
Poster P2-13
Luis Moyano
Communities and Dynamical Processes in a Complex Software System
Poster P2-14
Heitor Fernandes
Monte Carlo Simulations without Detailed Balance
Poster P2-15
Björn Ahens
Ground states of Random-Field Ising Magnets around the Upper Critical Dimension
Poster P2-16
Martin Weigel
Spin Stiffness and Lower Critical Dimension of Vector Spin Glasses
Poster P2-17
Pascal Monceau
Spin Waves in Fractals
Poster P2-18
Martin Weigel
Conformal Invariance and Schramm Loewner Evolution (SLE) in the 2D Random Field Ising Magnet
Poster P2-19
Morten Grøva
Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media: Steady-State Mixed Flow
Poster P2-20
Keiji Hayashi
Non-Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics Study on Velocity-Dependent Threshold Behavior of Wearless Nano-Friction
Poster P2-21
Yuki Sugiyama
Search for the Solution of a Maze by Asymmetric Dissipative Particle System
Poster P2-22
Dorothea Wilms
Monte Carlo Simulations of the 3D-Ising Model in Cylindrical Geometry
Poster P2-23
Bismarck Costa
Systematic Errors due to the Use of Inappropriate Integration Methods
Poster P2-24
Godehard Sutmann
Boundary Conditions for Particle Based Hydrodynamics in Complex Flow
Poster P2-25
Trond Ingebrigtsen
Constrained Dynamics: TSCD algorithm
Poster P2-26
Zahra Ghorbani Moghaddam
New approach to Casimir Effect and Boundary conditions
Poster P2-27
Vincent Ballenegger
From SPME to P3M and Back: a Uniļ¬ed View on the Accuracy and Efficiency of Particle-Mesh Methods
Poster P2-28
KyoungHo Kim
Modification of Heuristic Random Search Algorithm with Auto-Tunning Niching Method
Poster P2-29
Guido Germano
Efficiency of Linked Cell Algorithms
Poster P2-30
Dounia zed Mezdour
Simulation of Electrical Conductivity Behaviour in Fiber Composites
Poster P2-31
Udo Schwingenschlogl
Interface Relaxation and Electrostatic Charge Depletion in the Oxide Heterostructure LaAlO3/SrTiO3
Poster P2-32
Lev Barash
Evaporation and Fluid Dynamics of a Sessile Drop of Capillary Size
Poster P2-33
Fabio Pietrucci
CdTe Surfaces: Characterizing Dynamical Processes with First-Principles Metadynamics
Poster P2-34
Vandana Ranga
Judd-o-felt Parameters of Erbium Doper Silicate Glasses
Poster P2-35
Guido Germano
Collective Dynamics in Molten Alkali Halides
Poster P2-36
Satoshi Ohmura
Molecular Dynamics Study of Light-Harvesting Molecules with Electronic Transition
Poster P2-37
Sunita Negi
Molecular Dynamics Simulations to Determine a Useful Parameter Space for a Double-Walled Carbon Nanotube based Motor Stimulated by an Externally Applied Sinusoidally Varying Electric Field
Poster P2-38
Igor Morozov
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Supercooled Al Melt on GPUs
Poster P2-39
Jiri Jenista
A Comparative Numerical Study of Hybrid-stabilized Argon-water Electric Arc
Poster P2-40
Nazish Rubab
Influence of Kappa Distributed Ions on Streaming Instabilities in a Dusty Magnetoplasma
Poster P2-41
Hemant Dixit
Quasiparticle Band Structure of Zincblende and Rock Salt ZnO
Poster P2-42
Bráulio Brito
Efficient Method to Determine Phase Boundaries of Quantum Systems
Poster P2-43
Nobuo Furukawa
Monte Carlo Study of the Pyrochlore Double-Exchange Model - Frustration Effects in Molybdenum Pyrochlore Oxides
Poster P2-44
Ryszard Matysiak
Specific Heat of the Pure and Diluted Yb4As3 Compound
Poster P2-45
Orion Ciftja
Finite-Size Monte Carlo Calculations for Anisotropic Quantum Hall Liquids
Poster P2-46
Michael Zwolak
Representing Quantum Environments in Simulations
Poster P2-47
Mahendra Singh Dhaka
Electron momentum distribution in Cd3P2
Poster P2-48
Jan Krejci
EXP6 fluids at extreme conditions modeled by 2-Yukawa potentials
Poster P2-49
Guido Germano
Diffusion of model discotic mesogens studied by molecular dynamics simulation.
Poster P2-50
Jiri Skvor
Morphology of Self-Assembled Diblock Copolymers in Bulk: Periodicity of Lamellar and Cylindrical Structures
Poster P2-51
Khosrow Maleknejad
Generalizing homotopy analysis method to solve mathematical physics problems
Poster P2-52
Vinod Patidar
A guiding framework for the development of chaos based secure and efficient image encryption techniques
Poster P2-53
Glenn Tørå
Dynamic network modelling of electric resistivity of two-phase flow in porous media
Poster P2-54
Xizhong An
Numerical study of uniaxial compaction of wet particles

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